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  • Environmentally Responsible

    EcoPlus is committed to environmental leadership in all of our business activities from operations to product design and to recycling. All EcoPlus products utilized recycled components and packaging material in order to reduce landfill waste and natural resource usage. In addition, EcoPlus follows strict environmental guidelines in its manufacturing to minimize pollution and waste.

    Product Quality

    EcoPlus products are manufactured under stringent quality control guidelines to ensure the highest level of quality and reliability. To control quality, EcoPlus follows a Global Quality Management System, which has received ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certification. This system allows us to maintain high production standards, while ensuring continual design improvements into current and future products.

    Making a Difference

    We believe EcoPlus can make a difference and we know with the help and support of more people, we can make a bigger impact in our society and our environment. Customers will appreciate the ecologically friendly commitments printed directly on the box and will know when they purchase EcoPlus products, they have contributed to our social responsibility in restoring our environment and enriching our society.

    Social Responsibility

    EcoPlus is more than a product line. It is a belief that everything we build and sell should have a positive impact on our society and our environment. As part of this belief, we are devoted to ensuring that our company, products, employees and suppliers follow socially responsible business practices.

    Value & Investment

    EcoPlus believes that “Being Green” does not mean “Paying More”. We focus our product development efforts on finding products which deliver significant savings to the customer, while providing a more environmentally friendly solution to competing products. EcoPlus premium laser and inkjet cartridges deliver savings of up to 50% compared to the OEM, while at the same time having a significantly lower environmental impact than a new cartridge.

  • Laser & Inkjet Cartridges

    Smartridges are smart eco friendly laser and inkjet cartridges that place a major emphasis on ecological protection and social responsibility. When you purchase and use Smartridges, you will be making a positive contribution to our planet and society. Smartridges are available for almost all laser and inkjet printers. Click on the brand below to see if we have the Smartridge you're looking for. If you don't see, give us a call at (844) 360-2933 and we will find what you're looking for. Start printing smarter with Smartridges today.